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Kickboxing Boxing

Kickboxing is a full body workout


Kickboxing trains: balance, coordination, flexibility, strength, endurance, speed, body awareness and fighting spirit. Legs, upper body and arms are used. Several hundred kilocalories are already burned in the trial training session.

7 - 13 years

kids kickboxing

In children’s kickboxing, children learn to be attentive and to treat others with care. You will learn how to keep a cool head in stressful situations and how to put your heart into it. You will learn that the discipline means practicing regularly in order to reach your goal. After all, it is about preserving the zest for life into old age.


trial training


In the trial training, the fighting position, the footwork and the first basic techniques are shown. At the same time, fitness is easily trained. There are training opportunities for beginners on four days a week – Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

Training at the Kampfsportschule Zug

During training, care is taken to ensure that both the basic and advanced techniques are properly executed and demonstrated. When it comes to fitness, everyone pushes their own limits. A newcomer does not have to do the same as experienced participants. Nobody has to fight. During the training fights, care is taken to ensure that they are controlled and fair. If two training partners have never fought with each other, then they should tapping the opponent lightly to show that you can control yourself. You can always fight harder later. Anyone can hit hard and fast, but not everyone can control themselves. Bullies will not be tolerated!

Customer-friendly contracts

Contracts are not automatically renewed. So they are not so-called adhesion contracts. There is no notice period. When a subscription expires, it’s expired and you can simply buy a new one. If someone reports that they are no longer coming, we are informed. But you don’t have to inform us if you don’t want to. If a participant is absent for a longer period of time (min. 2 weeks), part of the paid course fee can be credited to the current subscription after consultation. The subscriptions are transferrable.


guideline of the school

The goal is to cover different interests of athletes. In the martial arts school in Zug you can train in kickboxing, boxing for fitness, for self-defence or for competitions. In the martial arts school, mainly light contact is trained. Point fighting (semi-contact) and full contact (classic kickboxing, modern kickboxing with low kick and K1 style) would also be possible. In the martial arts school in Zug, kickboxing is taught and trained from elementary school up to tournament level. Only those who are well enough trained are allowed to take part in tournaments. Nobody has to fight in training with us if they don’t want to or can’t. In battle, the weaker ones are taken into account! A dignified interpersonal interaction during training is valued. No racquets are trained at the Zug martial arts school. All course participants must abide by these school rules. This means that the techniques learned may only be used for self-defence. Anyone who does not comply will be excluded from the training!


philosophy of the school

The goal in life should not be to be the best. If the best fighter in his category had easy opponents, then he didn’t have to do his best. The goal should be to do your best and even more than your best. Then you can be satisfied with yourself, even if a fight is lost. On the one hand there is always an even bigger fish in the pond, on the other hand little David has defeated the big Goliath. The smallest man or woman can defeat the strongest person with appropriate method. Every person, big or small, deserves respect!


Learn to fight with kickboxing

Kickboxing is a way to learn hand, foot, and knee hand-to-hand combat. In training fights you learn to defend yourself passively and actively. As a result, this martial art can also be used for self-defense in emergency situations. Fighting is about getting in and out of the way before your opponent hits you back, having good footing and moving, enduring and applying pressure, using your body and mind properly. Moving targets are harder to hit. In relation to everyday life, fighting means going for the bags and taking a break as soon as it is necessary.


training structure

Training begins with stretching, after which the joints are warmed up. This is followed by jumping rope to get really warm and to get your pulse racing. If jumping rope is too intense for beginners, you can also jump without rope. In general, if an exercise doesn’t work or hurts, you don’t have to do the exercise, you should listen to your body. In this case you can pause or do another exercise for yourself. Everyone’s limits are different and you do the training for yourself and not for me the trainer. After the jump rope there is usually a technical part and then finally a conditional part. This means that those who want to can fight and the others train their fitness, for example with pad training, foot pads, heavy bags or various combinations. For those who want, the training ends with a stretching program. The lap times are shorter for beginners than for advanced users.


What you need for training


Training pants, a T-shirt and a towel (barefoot) are required for training. Boxing gloves from the school can be used for the trial training .

A dignified interpersonal interaction during training is valued.



Member of the Swiss Kickboxfederation – WAKO 

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history of the school

Take the first step to your healthiest self.

In 1988, after decades of training and a career in martial arts, Bruno Schwager decided to open his own kickboxing school. Together with Thomas Hürlimann as co-trainer he founded the martial arts school in Zug. The dojo has been located at Zugerstrasse 53 in Cham since 1998. After 17 years as a trainer, in 2005 he handed over management of the school to his longtime student Richard Suter (Swiss champion 1998/light contact). This led them until the end of 2008. Since 2009, the school has been managed by Alex Calliari, who has been training there since 1998 and took over responsibility as a trainer at the school in mid-2003. The school’s goals are to keep the training opportunities open for long-time students and interested parties, to pass on and expand Bruno’s knowledge of kickboxing and to remain true to the competitive sport.

Club leader career

As a child, current club leader Alex Calliari was fascinated by boxing matches. While emulating, he noticed how alert and focused boxers had to be when they got into dangerous situations in a fight. He was attracted to that. He started boxing himself in September 1995 at the boxing club in Zug. In order to become a more complete martial artist, it was also important for him to learn how to kick. In May 1998 he switched to kickboxing and thus to the martial arts school in Zug. After five years of kickboxing training and a few tournaments, he has been giving kickboxing training at the martial arts school since July 3, 2003. On January 1st, 2009 he took over the school and at the same time he was presented with the black belt by his trainer Bruno (Bruce) Schwager. In the same year he also successfully completed his studies in ethnology, philosophy and economic history, and on November 13, 2009 he received his Master of Arts diploma or his licentiate from the University of Zurich. He has also served as a referee since 2015. Because the black belt was not recognized by the Kickboxing Association, he successfully passed the exam at the Swiss Kickboxing Association – WAKO in 2017.

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